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Your Initial Visit

During your initial visit, you will receive a thorough assessment of your symptoms. This will help us create a treatment plan to get you back on the road to optimal health.

We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow adequate time to complete the initial registration and consent forms. You can expect to be at the clinic for approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on the type of treatment you require. Shorts and/or a sleeveless top may be useful to bring with you so that the areas in question are not covered by bulky clothing, or we can provide shorts or a gown as needed.

We will try to maximize your time with your therapist. Treatments and/or exercises prescribed will be carefully explained to you – and we will encourage you to ask questions. Follow-up appointments depend upon the prescribed treatment, and are usually 30-40 minutes in length.

Thank you for choosing the Spine, Joint & Sports Injuries Clinic. We look forward to working with you to help you relieve pain and maximize recovery.

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