• Over 33 years of keeping people moving


The first step in your pain treatment program is a visit to the Spine, Joint & Sports Injuries Clinic.

The Spine, Joint & Sports Injuries Clinic has been proving our patients a high level of care for more than 33 years. Each of our therapists has attained certification in a specialty area to help you recover from your injuries, and take your life back now. We treat and manage a variety of injuries, and create individually tailored exercise programs to help improve function and overall condition.

From acupuncture to rehabilitation programs, we offer our expertise and experience to help you achieve optimum results. Our physiotherapy treatments are never regimented; we create personalized treatment plans depending on your needs, including registered physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, orthotics, chiropractic, athletic therapy, acupuncture, post surgery rehabilitation, on the job injuries, spinal problems, work related injuries, sports injuries, golf fitness, muscular and joint pain, back injuries, bone fractures and motor vehicle accident injuries.

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